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How we do.

Level 01.

You have a logo, brand & fonts already picked out. You even had professional photos done! You're ahead of the game! Just website design is needed.

Starts at $2000

Level 02.

Creating the foundation. You might have a logo, or maybe not yet. You haven't chosen colours, fonts or voice yet. You need professional photos. Brand + Website package.

Starts at $2500

Level UP 03.

Level 2 PLUS marketing services - for that BOSS energy. Do you need newsletters designed? An online course with professional graphics? Automations for newsletter sign ups? I'm ya girl.

Starts at $3000 

A La Carte

Online course creation. Photography. Logo design. Newsletters. Brand visuals. E-commerce. Copywriting. Memberships. And more, available by yours truly. These items are quoted as needed.

Making your website launch Easy. Less Hard.

Whether your business sells a service, product, online course, or anything else, you'll need an online presence - and it needs to look legit!

Reviews have shown that if your website isn't user friendly, mobile responsive, or if a brand looks like it's been created in Microsoft Word (ha!), customers will move on. Build trust with your customers, showing them that your product was worth the investment of professional marketing services.


We can start with the foundation, or we can go ABOVE AND BEYOND. It's up to your budget and your goals. Let's chat and find out what works for you! Contact me to pick my brain - get a quote & a plan!

The Foundation of Success

1. Get a brand. Voice. Feel. Ideal Client. Colours. Fonts. Logo.

2. Images. Professional quality images of you and your products.

3. Build a website. Get yourself out there and online.

4. Create a system. Get website traffic. Connect to your people.

If you want a better online presence and/or an online store, which would NEED a better online presence to succeed, you should hire Jenni

I'm past the age where I "do" tech, or comprehend it, for that matter.  I've been working with Jenni for almost 8 years now and I KNOW that I wouldn't still be around without her unrelenting dedication to my business.  


She will take your ideas, and turn them into money, while still having the outside world think it was all your doing.  


She's also one heck of a human being :).  You'd be crazy not to hire Jenni Joy Co!

~Karen Albaugh, Owner of Done Hair, Skin & Nails


Too many times I've heard of AND experienced businesses working with a marketing company, and either not getting what they need, or the marketing company just ghosts. It simply won't happen here. I'm here for you until the job is done, and into the future if needed! I won't leave you hanging, friend! Jenni's got your back!

Get in Touch

You'll hear from me soon!

Hi friend!

Leave me a message using this form and tell me a little bit about what you want to accomplish!


Get on the waitlist today! I am only accepting a certain amount of projects per month so that I can devote my brain to my clients amazing businesses.  

I look forward to *virtually* meeting you, and putting your dreams into action!

Operating for over a decade, Jenni Joy Co. is located in South-Eastern Manitoba, Canada

*PLEASE check your spam/junk folder if you do not see a response from me within 24 hours!*

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