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"A truly talented artist"

It was such a pleasure, and a JOY, working with Jenni. 

Being a new entrepreneur and not tech savvy, Jenni was able harness my anxious energy with her clear, timely and direct communication.

She took the time to understand me, my needs and my brand message.

Jenni's creativity far exceeded my expectations! She was able to translate my big ideas into beautiful visual form and enhance them with her flare for design.

Jenni is truly a talented artist, and a lovely person.

I highly recommend Jenni for branding and web site design- I expect to work with her again, soon!

I KNOW that I would not be around without her

If you want a better online presence and/or an online store, which would NEED a better online presence to succeed, you should hire Jenni.

I'm past the age where I "do" tech, or comprehend it, for that matter.  I've been working with Jenni for almost 8 years now and I KNOW that I wouldn't still be around without her unrelenting dedication to my business.  


She will take your ideas, and turn them into money, while still having the outside world think it was all your doing.  


She's also one heck of a human being :).  You'd be crazy not to hire Jenni Joy Co!

Efficient and what makes gobbledegook for me, effortless

Having Jenni come into my orbit has been a blessing. From day one she has been a welcome addition to my work world. I really appreciate that she is patient with me, but also gently nudges me to stay focussed and to get my work done, so that she can get work done for me. She has used her expertise to expand the reach of my business and to grow my connections. I appreciate her enthusiasm, energy, knowledge and commitment. I really like that she has taken the time and effort to understand me, my vision and my business objectives and tailored her assistance to both fit and also expand my expectations. 


Jenni is a super wonderful woman who is efficient and makes what is gobbledegook for me, effortless with her. Without her support and input I suspect I would have given up, with it I am encouraged to believe and stay the course. I am grateful to know and work with her.

She knocked it out of the park

I hired Jenni to make a custom logo. I have followed her art for a while and I loved her style. I went into it having no idea what I wanted. A few chats later and Jenni sent me a photo to see if she was heading down the right path. Well, she knocked it out of the park. The logo was perfect. The colors were perfect, all of it. I am so proud to be able to have this logo to represent my brand. Highly recommend Jenni for any creative project you may have!

Roxanne, Photographer

She just gets it.

I've had Jen help me with different forms of media including a complex e-commerce site. She has made my life easier when I was out of my depth. I never felt I had to over-explain anything; she just gets it. She translates my ideas into exactly what I need every time. I have recommended her to many of my own clients. 

I've received so many compliments

Working with Jenni has been an absolute pleasure. She was easily able to grasp my vision and aesthetics goal and apply it to my website. The website was up and running very quickly and she has been great at helping me to keep it updated.

I've received so many compliments on my website. It is easy to navigate both on a computer and on a mobile device.

I would highly recommend working with her!

She has gone the extra mile

Jenni has been such a HUGE help to me and my business as a virtual assistant! She is always on top of making sure all of the little tasks that are necessary in running a small creative business get done. This allows me to focus on the "big stuff" that only I can do for my business. She has helped curate and post to my social media accounts, managed and created content as well as executed a monthly newsletter, and always makes sure my website is up to date, full of amazing content, and attractive and easily navigated by potential clients.


Jenni is wonderful about bringing ideas to the table for ways that I can move my business forward as well as being open to any other task that I have in mind for her.


More than that, Jenni is kind, funny, encouraging, and helpful. I feel like she has gone the extra mile to get to know me and what is important in both my business and personal life. It has been a pleasure working with her and I have the peace of mind knowing that I have a right hand woman who can keep things running for me on the virtual side of my business when I need her!

Hot Gossip

I absolutely love my new website and logo!

Hey Jenni, I absolutely love my new website! Thank you so much for helping me build it, it's amazing! I got my first order a couple days ago, and have many clients love the new website and say it's super friendly to work with. Thank you, I couldn't have done it without you.

The logo you did up for me is fantastic - I even updated my letterhead for all my contracts to include it. You helped me reach all over Canada, as well as a few different places like Finland and Mexico. I would have never been able to grow my market that far with out you. 

We make excellent "work babies" together

Jenni is a pleasure to work with. It's hard to find someone that not only has the technical know-how for the behind the scenes work that I need, but also has an eye for branding, culture and copy. I am a big picture creative (and a little bit of a scatter brain) and Jenni keeps my work flow organized and detailed. She's a hard worker, gets the job done fast, and I can always trust her to get my projects off the ground in a timely manner. I appreciate her feedback and opinions on my brand and I always enjoy our time together. We make excellent "work babies" together.

"Incredible Insight"

Jenni is the best if you need someone to take your vision for a website into reality. 
She listens intently and has incredible insight into what is current and also what will work for your brand! 
I will continue to refer her to everyone I know!

"Really drawn to her authenticity and values"

As a new business, I quickly identified that web design is not one of my better skills. I knew I needed a lot of help to get my website up and running so that I could focus on what I’m actually good at. Jenni came highly recommended, and I was immediately impressed with the quality of her work and felt really drawn to her authenticity and values. I felt so good and certain after our initial meeting, in which Jenni asked important questions and quickly came to understand my vision and purpose. She swiftly got to work on my site, checking in with me along the way to make sure we were still on the same page, and was flexible and pivoted anytime I needed.

She was incredibly patient and kind with me as I didn’t always know what I wanted. She guided me along the process, and ultimately created a brand and website for me that is both beautiful and functional. I am so pleased with how it looks and feels. She went above and beyond, taught me how to use my site, and made sure I was truly happy with it before transitioning me to self-management. She has also responded to many ‘panics’ and ‘oops’ situations quickly and with grace as I learn to navigate the site. I cannot thank Jenni enough for her work, and highly recommend you hire her for your web design, branding, and creativity needs! 

"The key in helping my business thrive"

My experience with this exceptional woman has truly kicked off my business. From the moment I spoke with Jenni, I knew my life was about to change - I was in great hands. At the time, I was working for a large corporation, and wanted out. I was struggling between my corporate job, and the feeling I was missing the fun with my kids. Starting your own business and not having the slightest clue on how to get yourself out there, was scary as hell.

What truly set Jenni apart was her unwavering commitment to my success. She was available to address any concerns, questions, and provided all kinds of valuable insights. Her transparent and proactive communication style ensured my confidence, and excitement for my new venture.

All my thanks to Jenni. In a matter of only months, I quit my corporate job, and my business has experienced significant growth. The return on investment from Jenni’s efforts has been truly remarkable.

I cannot recommend Jenni highly enough. She is a great friend, her professionalism, combined with her exceptional skills and expertise, has been the key in helping my business thrive.

If you are looking for that push, confidence-building results, look no further :) 

"Significantly impacting my business's growth"

Collaborating with Jenni on the Sound Quest Academy website was an inspiring journey that far exceeded my expectations. Jenni's professionalism, creativity, and dedication shone through from our very first meeting. She has a unique ability to listen deeply and translate those insights into a design that perfectly captures the essence of Sound Quest Academy, making the complex world of sound healing accessible and engaging to all who visit the site.


The website Jenni designed is not just a visual delight; it's a functional platform that enhances the user experience, facilitating a deeper understanding and appreciation of sound healing. Her strategic layout and thoughtful use of multimedia elements have directly contributed to an increase in course enrollments, significantly impacting my business's growth.


What sets Jenni apart is her commitment to excellence and her collaborative spirit. She offered valuable insights and suggestions throughout the process, making it a truly co-creative experience. Her work has been instrumental in bringing my vision for Sound Quest Academy to life, helping to pave the way towards achieving my goal of creating a thriving online sound healing academy.


I am deeply grateful for Jenni's contribution and cannot recommend her highly enough. Her work not only elevated the online presence of Sound Quest Academy but also played a crucial role in its ongoing success. Jenni is more than a web designer; she is a visionary partner in the truest sense."

"Gave my brand and my business a soul"

Jenni is an exceptionally talented designer. She gave me a logo and colour palette that gave my brand and my business a soul. My website gets nothing but compliments - despite my picture being all over it - so you know she's got to be talented. If you want something beautiful to represent you and your business, I highly suggest you work with Jenni. 

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