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Dreamcatcher Executive Offices

Mini Brand. Website Design.

Kim Mintenko

Brand. Logo. Website Design. Email Marketing

Beth Blackmore

Brand. Logo. Website Design. Email Marketing

Wildflower Fertility

Brand. Logo. Website Design. Email Marketing

Sky's The Limit Montessori

Brand. Logo. Website Design.

Sky's The Limit Montessori

Brand. Logo Design.

Directly Inspired

Brand. Website. Online Course. Copywriting.

Lady Di's Snackers

Website Design. Email Setup. Copy Writing.

Lady Di's Snackers

Product Photography. Social Media Strategy

Oak Lane Luxury Office Supplies

Branding. Website Design. Copywriting.

Catie St Germain

Website Design. Gig Photography.

Guiding Minds Montessori School

Branding. Website Design.

Dreamweaver Lane Rescue & Sanctuary

Branding. Website Design. Copywriting.  *Donated*

Wood and Wheat Images

Logo Design.

Katy's Klean Kookies

Website. E-Com. Product Photography.

L'atellier Medical Aesthetics.

Website Design. Copywriting.

Start Something Great

Logo Design. Branding. Web Design.

Harder Concrete.

Logo Design.

Done Hair, Skin & Nails.

Graphic Design. Brand.

Floating Leaf Foods

Website. Copy. Photography. E-Comm.

Floating Leaf Foods

Photography for Website & Social

3 Ideas Canada

Website. Photography. Copywriting.

Floating Leaf Foods

Recipe Creation. Photography. Blog Writing.

Done Hair Skin & Nails

Brand. Website Design. E-Comm. Photography. Social Media.

Gaga Yoga

Logo Design.

Marlies Day Spa

Squarespace Web Design. E-commerce.

Marlies Day Spa

Logo Design.

Charlene K. Bookkeeping

Website Design.

Charlene K. Bookkeeping

Logo Design.

Thank you for trusting me with your business!

(Some of) The amazing folks I've worked with

We make excellent "work babies" together

Jenni is a pleasure to work with. It's hard to find someone that not only has the technical know-how for the behind the scenes work that I need, but also has an eye for branding, culture and copy. I am a big picture creative (and a little bit of a scatter brain) and Jenni keeps my work flow organized and detailed. She's a hard worker, gets the job done fast, and I can always trust her to get my projects off the ground in a timely manner. I appreciate her feedback and opinions on my brand and I always enjoy our time together. We make excellent "work babies" together.

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