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Start Something Great...

Business & Mindset

with Jenni & Karla

The Dream Team

Starting something great also means working with the right people. As much as the idea of doing it all ourselves sounds empowering, it can also be messy and frustrating. Most entrepreneurs eventually come to the conclusion that their lives would be so much easier if they just had some help, and a vision. But many have trouble figuring out what that help should look like. We get that. We are your online marketing helpers.


We have built several businesses from the ground up. We've worked solo, and as a team. We can help you! The right team for you will take the time to understand your business and your goals. They will get to know you as a person and how you like to work.


Get all of the benefits of Jenni's brain; putting all of the pieces together and creating a functional website and pair it with Karla's brain; extensive business and branding coaching, to gain a vision of exactly what you're trying to put out into the world.

karla treadway laughing in field

a couple of pros

The Start Something Great team, [Jenni & Karla], is female owned and operated. We are down to earth and easy to work with.


We are creative, multi-passionate entrepreneurs, who believe that there’s more to running a successful business than just getting paid.


We are approachable leaders who know how to build businesses and brands that align with your unique way of living and working. We want to help you build something great and teach you how to run it well - online.

Meet Karla

Karla is a marketing coach, a social media strategist, a creative writer, blogger, podcaster and owner of a digital movement and mindfulness studio. This multi-passionate entrepreneur has helped many build businesses from the ground up. 

She left the grind of the 9-5 to pursue work that aligns with her soul. She closed her brick and mortar business in 2020 and works exclusively online on her passion projects and with private clients. 

Karla lives on a remote island in Northwestern Ontario with her husband, two girls, two dogs, cat, chickens and giant backyard garden. 

Karla is the right side of your brain. Imagination, creativity, and intuition guide most of her work and help her create vision, mindset, and strategy for her clients. 

She is fueled by spicy food, coffee, and loud music and is balanced by breath work, yoga and meditation.

Check out what Karla is doing over at

How we'll help you

Authentic and Powerful Branding

Your BRAND tells the world who you are. It builds confidence and trust in your work. From your logo, to your imagery, to your voice, we can help you create your authentic style so you attract the right clients and customers.

Website Development and Personalized Tools

We want your life to be easier. We love systems, websites and online tools that are easy to teach, easy to use, and easy for your clients to navigate.

Education, Strategy, and Coaching

A good business, social media, and marketing strategy, means that you will use your time well. Let us help you create a strategy aligned with your vision and a growth mindset, so you work smarter and not harder and reach the clients of your dreams.




  • Create an authentic brand for your business

  • Build an organized, functional, and beautiful website

  • Marketing Strategy and Coaching for 3 months

  • Creation of online tool support like booking calendars, email marketing, organizational systems, etc

  • Perfect for small businesses looking for systems and strategies to set up for ease and success




  • Create an authentic brand for your business

  • Build an organized, functional, and beautiful website

  • Marketing Strategy and Coaching for 6 months

  • Built-for-you Email Marketing Templates

  • Built-for-you Social Media Templates

  • Ad Creation

  • Perfect for those who are ready to make some serious gains quickly with the team taking on some of the hands-on marketing work

Just Coaching

with Karla Joy Treadway


​Are you looking to stick close with your business coach for the long haul? Wanting major growth in your mindset AND business? Karla Joy Treadway has your back!

Levels Of Investment

Starts at $3500 ~plus tax~

white wall with shadows of plants

what they're saying...

Working with Karla and Jenni was so easy! Karla was so intuitive, I loved working with her to determine what my business could achieve, and we built a beautiful brand. Jenni took all the pieces and made it into a website even better than I imagined it could be. Thank you so much!

- Joelle

Are we a match made in heaven?

We will get back to you soon!

Take a chance on yourself

Meet Jenni

Jenni is a jack-of-all-trades generalist, specializing in building brands and websites. She also loves photography, videography, graphic design, and has a knack for making all the puzzle pieces work together. She's the figure-outer problem solver, and loves to help others do the same.

She also left the 9-5 to find flexibility for her family, and let's be honest, has a hard time answering to corporate rules. She's been virtual since before virtual was popular, running her own VA business, and helping clients from the comfort of her home since 2013. She now owns and operates Jenni Joy Co, a full service marketing start-up company.

Jenni lives in a small town in Southern Manitoba with her fam-jam. You'll find them exploring the Manitoba Lakes, or visiting farm animal sanctuaries. She is an animal lover to the core, and loves the beauty of Mother Nature. She'll kick some butt in baseball, and also coaches her kiddos, and volunteers in her community as much as she can.

Jenni is the left side of your brain, with a dash of right, and a whole lot of passion. While she can have an imagination, she does better at taking your ideas and turning them into a functioning and organized masterpiece. Just your typical INFJ.

She is fueled by comfort food, fuzzy things, astrology, and bedtime meditations, and is inspired by dance parties, extroverted friends, and Karla's big ideas.

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